Get ready to ignite your taste buds and awaken your spirit with Spirito Santo.

The unconventional, European-inspired, late nite spirits here to baptise your senses
and shake up your drinking experience.

Spirito Santo invites you to revel in liquid salvation and savour life’s darkest

Drawing inspiration from ancient remedies and elixirs brewed by faithful healers
of their time, our expert distillers have crafted a collection of holy spirits and
liqueurs, each with their own attitude, occasion and unforgettable flavour.

With a rebellious twist on recipes deeply rooted in tradition, our unrivaled range of
potions are made using the finest local ingredients and the purest of intentions.

Each drop of Spirito Santo is infused with passion and gusto that lingers long
after the glass is empty.

Salute to the bold, the curious, and the wild at heart.

No Lutto Please.

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